I'm really sorry for the unintended absence... I've had so much to do lately with school, work and EF! Even though I'm super busy I still have pretty decent grades which is pretty amazing, Swedish school is hard! Kind of surprised of how well I've managed to do everything. I guess it's easier when you like what you're doing... Being an ambassador for EF is the best thing ever, I get to take part in a lot of different things. A few weeks ago there was a fair in Stockholm where all high schools are represented so 9th graders can choose their school. Does that make sense? Anyway, EF has a booth there and I got to help out and talk to students. So much fun! 

This semester has gone by so fast! There are only two more weeks until our Christmas break and not that much time left to buy Christmas gifts... I did send gifts to Utah already so that's good. But for everyone else here in Sweden... I really need to figure that out soon! 

That mug is on my wish list by the way, isn't it so cute? 

No promises, but I'm going to do my best to write some more posts during the holiday season. 



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