My mom bought tulips to have in Sweden for my birthday. So nice. And that black painting on the wall, I made that. It's not my best one and I'm not even proud of it so I don't know why it's there... 
I got more cards! And a book with quotes about happiness. The first card is from my mom, the second one is from my whole family and the third one is from my grand parents (mom's parents).

These cookies are so good! They're pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips in them. Yummy! 
It's my 18th birthday today! I didn't really "feel like" I was 18 until I had to sign a bank document (online) to be able to see my bank accounts... That's kind of weird isn't it? People always asks you how it feels to turn a year older but you don't really feel any different than the day before. Atleast I don't. 

I didn't really tell that many people in school that it was my birthday today so I was kind of surprised when people I saw in the hall said happy birthday to me. Everyone who wished me a happy birthday really made my day today, thank you! Another good thing about this day is that we had EO and an early out so each class was only 45 minutes. I'm cool with that.
I just talked to my parents on Skype and opened their present. We were supposed to Skype at 1 but we had to take the canyon instead of the divide so I got home at 1:20. It was ok though, they were still awake. I Skyped with mom and my siblings first and then my dad. It's always really nice to talk to my family. It's really confusing though with the languages because obvioulsy we speak Swedish but as soon as someone uses an English expresssion I start speaking in English. Ehm, yeah... 

Now we're going to watch Sherlock I think.