M&M's, Candy Corn and York. I've never tried York before so that will be fun to try. It says on the package that it's a "dark chocolate covered peppermint pattie" which sounds a bit like After Eights to me. 
Look what I got in the mail yesterday! (Don't actually know if it came yesterday, I just opened it yesterday). Some candy, a card and a news paper from Utah! My host mom wrote and article about our year together and it was super super sweet and nice. I almost started happy crying and it made me miss them even more. I'm going to keep the article forever. 

In other news I had a great fall break. I met friends and did things every day which is kind of unusual for me. I earned a lot of EF ambassador points which I'm very proud of and I'm getting closer and closer to my goal of reaching 7000 points (or more). 
School starts again tomorrow and it's actually nice, it's weird not doing that much during the day and we're starting our biology course which I'm so excited about. I really like biology.