This is what I want to do right now. Read a book and drink a nice cup of tea. Although that's actually a journal in the picture but I'm just going to pretend it's a book. Ok?

I'm done with my last test for this week. Very very nice. I have one small assignement left before I'm done for the week and it's only Tuesday. I just finished my biologi seminar and it didn't go too bad, I did ok but not great. Luckily it's only the second assignement or so on the whole course so I still have a lot of time to get my grade up! Speaking of grades, I got my final grade in chemistry today and guess what? I got a C!!! I'm so happy because it was hard and during the last week of the course I was sick so I was not in the right mindset for the test or the lab report. So considering, I did pretty good. 

We have Friday off this week and I'm so happy about that you have no idea. I'm going to sleep in and have a really nice morning. After that I don't have any plans, we'll see what I'll do. 


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