June 3rd 2016.

The perfect day. From waking up to going to bed.

Today I walked past my high school (yes, I know I live across the street from it...) and I started feeling nostalgic about my high school experience. It's only been just over 6 months since graduation but I guess with everything that's happening right now I just feel so lucky.
After graduation I spent a month in Utah to visit my host family again. While there I applied for a job, booked an interview during the five days between my summer trips. At the airport on my way to Biarritz I got a call from the office and they wanted me to come in for a few hours to "test" work. We decided I would come in on August 1st, the day after I came home from France. Apparently I must have done ok, because since then, I've been working roughly 30 hours per week at Espresso House and I love it. 99.9% of the time. Rude guests to come in for a coffe which really tests your patience... 

Today, I have three weeks left at Espresso House (for now). In three weeks I'm moving to Paris to study French. I just paid the course fee, applied for CSN (student grant) and I'm super close to getting an apartment. I don't really understand what's going on to be honest... In three weeks I'll be living in Paris.