Facebook knows... 
Today's the day I leave Utah. For now at least. I'll be back. 

I can't believe this year is already over! And one thing is sure, I did not expect it to be so hard to leave. LIttle did I know back in July last year how many amazing people I'd meet and how many amazing friends I would make. One of my best friends from this year happens to live 2 hours away from me in Sweden so that's pretty amazing. But all my other friends, I hate saying goodbye to you and just like every other exchange student has been saying; it's not a "goodbye", it's just a "see you later". Without you guys, this year would have been completely different!

To Melissa, John, John-Michael, Jake, Julianne and Jessica. I could not have gotten a better host family. Thank you for hosting me and being my American family. I will miss you so much! (And I hope you're enjoying your time at Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida ;) ).