Hats on! This is also almost everyone of our graduating class...

Zeinab, Erica and I.
Zeinab, Erica, Esra and I.
Vendela, Bella, me and Erica. 
My friend Uma and I. 

At Strandvägen 1 waiting for something to drink... 

At Vau de Ville, waiting for my chocolate cake...
What a fanastic day! On Friday we had our traditional "mösspåtagning" which is a graduation cap cermony that every high school in Sweden has a month before the actual graduation cermony. Our teachers treated us with some apple cider and snacks before we sang the graduation song. Which, I just learnt was written by a Swedish king in 1844, the song is even older than our national anthem! Pretty crazy to think about. At the end of the song we put our hats on officially and then some friends and I went to Strandvägen 1 for a drink and then Vau de Ville for some food. Fancy fancy. 

I'm so excited for graduation, I can't believe it's only a month away!
Some more pictures from my big camera
 Ps, thank you Zeinab and Bella for pictures. 


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