June 3rd 2016.

The perfect day. From waking up to going to bed.

Today I walked past my high school (yes, I know I live across the street from it...) and I started feeling nostalgic about my high school experience. It's only been just over 6 months since graduation but I guess with everything that's happening right now I just feel so lucky.
After graduation I spent a month in Utah to visit my host family again. While there I applied for a job, booked an interview during the five days between my summer trips. At the airport on my way to Biarritz I got a call from the office and they wanted me to come in for a few hours to "test" work. We decided I would come in on August 1st, the day after I came home from France. Apparently I must have done ok, because since then, I've been working roughly 30 hours per week at Espresso House and I love it. 99.9% of the time. Rude guests to come in for a coffe which really tests your patience... 

Today, I have three weeks left at Espresso House (for now). In three weeks I'm moving to Paris to study French. I just paid the course fee, applied for CSN (student grant) and I'm super close to getting an apartment. I don't really understand what's going on to be honest... In three weeks I'll be living in Paris.  
Mom's Mothers Day flowers.

Probably the best dinner I've ever made. 

Elevator selfie. I usually never meet anyone in the elevator but this weekend it has happened more than two times... So weird... 

A classic fika. 

My last Saturday as a high school student has been really nice. I spent most of the day doing some last minute shopping for graduation things in Stockholm city with my friend Vendela. Things like underwear that won't be visible through the dress, stockings and skincare. I found everything I needed and a pair of shoes that I didn't buy but really liked... Since it's Mother's Day here in Sweden today I also bought some flowers for my mom, they're from my siblings too but I picked them up. 

When I got home I made the best meal I think I've ever done. Baked sweet potatoes with kale and avocado sallad and orange peppers. So delicious. And vegan. And easy to make. What more can you ask for?