My painted egg... Master piece, I know...
This year my mum decided that everyone should paint one egg each before dinner and that we'd vote on the best one.

I won! So proud! Hehe...

Very yellow candles with small and even more yellow chickens. Love or loathe?
Easter twigs (I had to translate that, hope it's right...). Feathers in yellow are a must.  
White and yellow tulips. And yes, I put the vase in our couch. Natural sunlight you know, a photographers best friend. 
Sorry for the phone picture. Really, the quality can't even be described with the other ones. 
Easter lunch day one. Good Friday. Not really a typical Swedish easter meal, well apart from the salad it is. It was good though. And very healthy. 

I'll be back with more pictures soon... ;)

American pancakes and Starbucks, I'll see you in a couple of months. 

So, I just got an email from my EF mentor. Her name is Isabelle and she spent 11 months in Santa Maria 2010/2011. 

Your mentor is a person that has been on a High School Year Abroad with EF and you can ask them questions. All kinds of questions. 

I have so many, don't know where to start? I can't just send her an email with a hundred different questions, can I? Should I tell her about myself or not?