Two injections in my left arm and one in the right arm. The things I do for this program! I don't really like needles that much and I think this was the first time having to go by myself. I did it, and the list of things I have to do before I leave is getting shorter every day!

Next on the list is to unlock my phone from my current plan so that I can pay for a new one in the US. 
I spent almost 4 hours making and editing this video so you better watch until the end! I hope you like it!
The music in the video are two songs by Hunter Hays called Rainy Season and Storm Warning. Not planned at all no, no theme. Promise. 
This Friday was midsummer in Sweden but this year we didn't do any of the traditional midsummer things, except eating herring and potatoes for lunch. Even that wasn't traditional because we didn't have any of the other midsummer food... I guess I have to get used to these kinds of things. 

Midsummer is incomplete without strawberries, the Swedish strawberries were sold out so we had to buy Belgian ones but they were almost as good! My mom made some sort of compote with strawberries, lime and sugar that was delicious. I'd really like to do that in the US. 

Before dinner we had a quiz around the garden with questions about midsummer and some random questions that I wrote about Utah and the US... My team did not win but we were close, third place (out of four...). 

All pictures apart from the first one are photographed with my Canon eos 600D. 

I'm not going to write anymore now so just look at the pictures I took and check out my youtube video I made about Friday. It will be up tonight (Sunday) before 11 pm Swedish time. 
Midsummer lunch, picture taken with my iPad.
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