Something that I love and my bookshelf
Day three; some(thing) that I love. Do you like my jeans by the way?
This picture is from Satuday, the actual day four, of when we had lunch with my cousins and grandparents. Two of my three cousins are in the picture. The third one is in London. 
Day four; my bookshelf
Well ok, technically they're not bookshelves but they're shelves in my room. It also looks like my room has different colors, that's not the case at all. The wall color is closer to the first picture. I did however think it was more like the second one before we painted...

I will post day five and six tomorrow because day five is "something that I've been wearing". Tonight I'm going to a graduation party and I want to show you what I wore! It's a theme party, maffia. 
Lets continue with the photo challenge with day two. Breakfast. This is what I had today, yoghurt with granola and raspberries and some scrambled eggs. I'm trying to eat less dairy so instead of having regular milk in the eggs I had soy milk. I must say it wasn't the best thing ever, soy milk has a sweeter taste than regular milk and it kinda made the eggs taste sweeter than normal. It was ok but I think I'll just skip milk next time. 

I had today off, I don't usually eat this for breakfast. On school days I usually make a sandwich or a bowl of yoghurt with banana and honey (which by the way is so good!). 
 This is what I want to do right now. Read a book and drink a nice cup of tea. Although that's actually a journal in the picture but I'm just going to pretend it's a book. Ok?

I'm done with my last test for this week. Very very nice. I have one small assignement left before I'm done for the week and it's only Tuesday. I just finished my biologi seminar and it didn't go too bad, I did ok but not great. Luckily it's only the second assignement or so on the whole course so I still have a lot of time to get my grade up! Speaking of grades, I got my final grade in chemistry today and guess what? I got a C!!! I'm so happy because it was hard and during the last week of the course I was sick so I was not in the right mindset for the test or the lab report. So considering, I did pretty good. 

We have Friday off this week and I'm so happy about that you have no idea. I'm going to sleep in and have a really nice morning. After that I don't have any plans, we'll see what I'll do.