A little throw back to EF Language and Culture Camp. This is my class, Washington North that I had all classes with. A great group of people. And sorry if you don't like a picture of yourself. None of them is perfect so I just chose all of them to post.

Hall 14 where I had my room.
Amanda, Madeleine, Rebecka and Louise. I'll miss you!!
The teachers handed out glow sticks and some people went a little crasy with them...
Last night (Friday night) was our last evening at camp. Everyone met up in the auditorium to watch a video with pictures from camp that one of the returnees had done. It was really good and funny! I was win a few pictures as well. In one of them you could only see my foot, but still. 
After that there was a dance in the Rotunda with a DJ. The three first songs were by Swedish aritists and it was also those sings that seemed to be the most popular ones. I love swedish music and artists. 
They had a snack and drink table with chips, candy and sodas. I was not hungry at all so I had a soda and some mints. I've gotten used to some American food but I'm still learningnto like the candy. It's not that it isn't good it's just that everything tastes so much, if you know what I mean. 
I had an amazing camp and I met people from all around the world. My roommate was a girl from Taiwan, she's really sweet. She left me a little card and a necklace before she leftt, I feel so bad about it because I didn't. I feel loke I should have done something. 
We all went to the airport on different busses. Mine left camp at 2am and my first flight to JFK left at 6am. I arrived at 7am and had 5 hours to kill at the airport. Most of my friends (all of them actually) were on the flight to Salt Lake City at 10:50 so they have left already. They were also on the 7am flight from Boston so they didn't have as much time as me at JFK. I think it's so unfair because my final destination is SLC and the other ones just has a layover there. I've had way to much time to think about things here... 
I'm going to stop rambling on about things now. Bye. Next post will be from UTAH!! 

Today we went to Newport in Rhode Island. It was really hot all day so our only plan was to find and go to the beach. Which we did. We came to Newport around 10 with the yellow school busses and then I had to find my friends since none of them are on my bus... We took a map over Newport and tried to locate our position and the beach, not easy. A man came to help us and pointed out the direction for us, he said it was a ten minute walk. Eh, not for us. It took us 40 minutes, without the stop at Ben and Jerry's. I had a "Addicted to chocolate shake" and it was so good!! Loved it!

The church below is actually the one that John F. Kennedy got married in 60 years ago. Pretty cool.

Newport is very famous for it's big houses and mansions. We never saw the biggest ones but we did see some very big houses! It felt like I was at the French Riviera. I always forget that the Boston/New York area is on the same latitude as Southern Europe so I'm always surprised and a little confused when I see trees our bushes that I know from France.

Once we reached the beach we went down to the water and the others (Amanda, Madeleine and Louise) swam for a while. I still have my hand wrapped from yesterday so I just stood in the water. The sand was very hot so you couldn't stand in it! Horrible!

It was very hot today so we had to sit down in the shadow before we went back to the busses again.

I had a rally great day with my friends.