A little throw back to my 18th birthday dinner with a picture of me and my Danish friend Maddie. 

I don't think I've blogged anything about my birthday or birthday dinner? Maybe because I was waiting for my new computer and didn't really feel like uploading pictures on that computer. Well, I have the pictures now so posts arre coming up! Better late than never right.

Chai latte <3
Instead of going home as usual after school my host mom picked up me, Julianne and Jessica because Jake was staying after and Julianne had to be at her dance at 3:30. Before we dropped Jules off we went though the Starbucks drive thru. I had a chai latte as usual. There's not that much to choose from if you don't drink coffe... We also went to walmart to pick up some stuff we needed. Deodorant for example. I'd rather have too many than run out and not have one at home... 

So these two last days have been pretty interesting. On Tuesday during 8th period the announcement speaker went off and our head master just said "lock down lock down lock down" and that was it. We had to lock the doors and them someone came and tried to open all the doors, but we didn't know that and we just heard someone pulling the door handles. I was so scared to be honest. They didn't say it was a drill so all kinds of thoughts went through my head. I've read so many stories about school shootings and the last one was in Colorado so just think about that for a while... Turns out it was just a drill! I was scared though! 

On Wednesday during lunch I tried jello for the first time. They have it with lunch sometimes in school and my friend took one. I told her I never tried it so she grabbed another spoon so I could try.  It was weird but not horrible. It tasted ok.