It's not even fall but A cappella is still preparing for Christmas. One of the songs are this one. I really like it, it's so beautiful. My part is the "ding dong ding dong" part, sort of. I have more lyrics than that but it's hard to explain. If you wanted to know, I'm an high alto. 
So yeah, I almost died today. But not because of what you would think. I had aerobics 5th period (8:17-9:37) and today's workout was so hard. That's what you get for doing nothing for three (four?) months... Apperantly I didn't eat and drink enough breakfast so I got light headed and it felt like I was going to faint. Mrs Hansen helped me through it and did the excerises with me the last third of it which I'm really glad she did. The thing is that it felt worse when I just stood still and tried to catch my breath than it did when I was running or doing squats. 

I made it trhough and I'm very proud of myself for doing it! The easiest thing would have been to just quit and sit down. But, I made it! I might not going to be able to walk tomorrow, but I can deal with that. 

The rest of the day was good even though I forgot my US history book in the locker room after aerobics. I had lunch with Vicki today and we bought food in the cafeteria. It was tacos today and they were actually pretty good. I could've eaten almost anything because I was so hungry after the workout, but still. 

So I just watched the season final of Pretty Little Liars. I know who Red coat is. I know who A is. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. So I'm not going to. This was by far the best final ever o he series! So many surprises and answers to the whole series. Watch it as soon as you can!