Me and Vicki last month, on our way to California and Disneyland!

Today is Thanksgiving here in America. I'm so excited to celebrate my first thanksgiving holiday! We're having dinner at gma Penny's house but before that we're going to the movies to see Disney's new film Frozen. Jessica is so excited about it and I think it's going to be a good movie. 

I'll tell you later about all the food and how we celebrated thanksgiving. 

I realize I post pictures of a cup with hot chocolate like every other week but it's just because that's how it is. You wouldn't want me to lie here right?

So I've had a pretty interesting day today. Aerobics was ok today, a lot of excersises that hurt my knee but I survived. When class was over I realized I had forgotten my school ID card, and my wallet. No ID card means no lunch. It would have been ok if it was an A day but I'm always starving after aerobics so that kind of sucked. Luckily my friend let me eat some of her lunch. She's so nice! In biology we had a biology test on the cell cycle and mitosis (cell divison) which I got an A on. During the test I started feeling very tired and almost a little sick. Acappella was fun but I was tired and I had a headache so I just wanted to go home and sleep. I still have a headache, it will be an early night for me! Before I go to sleep though I have to study for my English test. Last day of school tomorrow, then it's thanksgiving break! 

I babysat last night. We had mac n' cheese. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I've been Skyping with my brother to try amd figure out what he wants for Christmas. Not the easiest thing to do, he doesn't really want anything. I think I know what I'm going to get him. After we hung up I Skyped with Sandra for over an hour about pretty much everything. It's actually kind of nice to speak Swedish for awhile. I also talked to Elin who's an exchange student in Argentina this year. How cool? All I can say after that is that being an exchange student in the US is a lot different from being an exchange student in Argentina! 

After all of my nice Skype conversations me, Jessica, Jake, my host mom and my host dad went to Ogden to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I loved it! It was amazing! They're such good actors and all the effects are done so well. If you haven't seen it already I definately think you should! Me and Jessica are so excited for the next movie, sucks that it's coming out next year... 

Now were having some family over for pulled pork, sallad, potatoes and ice cream. Yummy!