This Sunday I got up way too early beacause I had to be at Östra Real at 8 am to prepare for the EF departure meeting for the class of 17'. All the preparations went really well. 9 ambassadors and a bunch of EF staff with great team work can do anything!
This years meeting was a bit different than last years because instead of having all 100+ students in one big auditorium listening to a 4 hour long presentation we divided them in to 9 groups. Each group listened to 3 different presentations which meant that me and Amanda held the same presentation 3 times. I was just a tiny bit confused by the end of it... We talked about the same thing each time and told the same stories and jokes. It felt more easy going this year and I didn't have to give a speech in front of 400 people either which was a big plus. I'm so jealous and excited for all the students!  

Yesterday when I was at the EF office for an interview (I help out as an ambassador) they asked me if I wanted to come in today and help them with some paperwork. I said yes ofcourse so that's what I've been doing today. From 9 to 5. Me and three other ambassadors were there and we put names in to an excel file, all day long. We only stopped for a lunch break at Espresso House. All of us worked really hard but we still didn't finish all the names so I might help out tomorrow too. I don't mind though because everyone at the office is so nice and it's fun to do something other than sitting by your computer (not that this job doesn't involve a computer, but you know what I mean...). 

We took some fun group pictures and I'm going to try and get them so I can share them on here. 

Facebook knows... 
Today's the day I leave Utah. For now at least. I'll be back. 

I can't believe this year is already over! And one thing is sure, I did not expect it to be so hard to leave. LIttle did I know back in July last year how many amazing people I'd meet and how many amazing friends I would make. One of my best friends from this year happens to live 2 hours away from me in Sweden so that's pretty amazing. But all my other friends, I hate saying goodbye to you and just like every other exchange student has been saying; it's not a "goodbye", it's just a "see you later". Without you guys, this year would have been completely different!

To Melissa, John, John-Michael, Jake, Julianne and Jessica. I could not have gotten a better host family. Thank you for hosting me and being my American family. I will miss you so much! (And I hope you're enjoying your time at Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida ;) ).