I wanted to tell you about my Sunday because for once I wasn't at home studying. Instead I took the bus into Stockholm and met up with my grandmother. For my birthday I got a "gift card" for a lunch a museeum visit that I hadn't used yet. Better late then never I guess!

Firstly, we went to the biology museeum at Djurgården. I had never been there before so it was interesting to see something new. It was very small and there was only one room with a lot off stuffed animals. Maybe not the best museeum I've ever been to but it was cute. 

After our museeum visit we crossed the street to go to the restaurant. Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh. Both me and grandma had the sea food soup which was really good! It's usually a safe order if you don't know what to have... And also it was one of the two vegetarian dishes they had. 

The only slightly negative part about the day was the fact that it rained, a lot, the whole day. And there was a lot of wind too which didn't make it any better... 
It's Wednesday morning. I'm in school, in Swedish class. Don't worry though, I'm done with everything we were supposed to do today. The deadline is actually on Friday but somehow I managed to finnish it extremely early and turns out I got an A on it. How about that. 

So what has happened since Friday? On Saturday I woke up before 9am and the first thing I did was to watch the new episode of Grimm that aired Friday night in the US. It was good, really good. After that I did the most Swedish thing possible; I went to IKEA with my dad. Haha. We bought shelves for my room and hangers for curtains. I also got a plant for my window because it's so large and it just looks weird when there's nothing in it. Hopefully it will survive... 

On Sunday I handed out a couple of resumes to some stores in our mall for summer jobs. I also applied for some online. I've never wanted a summer job so much before. I don't actually have anything else to do. There might be a Paris trip, but just maybe.  When I got back we had some "fika" (cinnamon buns and hot chocolate), yummy!. 

Well hello there! 

Today was a pretty spectacular day. I spent most of it at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) with my class mates. We did two physic laborations (solar cells and radioactive elements in mushrooms) before lunch and it was really fun! One of the teachers had liquid nitrogen which he poured on to the floor and it turned into gas form again. So cool! He also poured it on my hand and it was pretty cold! To turn nitrogen to a liquid it has to be cooled to it's boiling point at about -200C. Water freezes at 0C. 

After lunch we got a private tour of the campus, well some parts because the weather was terrible and no one wanted to be outside for that long. It was really fun to see and I really want to study there after high school. 

After that I met up with my friend Stephanie for a "fika" and as usual we talked about everything. Lovely times. 

I'm so glad tomorrow is Saturday so I can sleep in!