Mom's Mothers Day flowers.

Probably the best dinner I've ever made. 

Elevator selfie. I usually never meet anyone in the elevator but this weekend it has happened more than two times... So weird... 

A classic fika. 

My last Saturday as a high school student has been really nice. I spent most of the day doing some last minute shopping for graduation things in Stockholm city with my friend Vendela. Things like underwear that won't be visible through the dress, stockings and skincare. I found everything I needed and a pair of shoes that I didn't buy but really liked... Since it's Mother's Day here in Sweden today I also bought some flowers for my mom, they're from my siblings too but I picked them up. 

When I got home I made the best meal I think I've ever done. Baked sweet potatoes with kale and avocado sallad and orange peppers. So delicious. And vegan. And easy to make. What more can you ask for? 
This Sunday I got up way too early beacause I had to be at Östra Real at 8 am to prepare for the EF departure meeting for the class of 17'. All the preparations went really well. 9 ambassadors and a bunch of EF staff with great team work can do anything!
This years meeting was a bit different than last years because instead of having all 100+ students in one big auditorium listening to a 4 hour long presentation we divided them in to 9 groups. Each group listened to 3 different presentations which meant that me and Amanda held the same presentation 3 times. I was just a tiny bit confused by the end of it... We talked about the same thing each time and told the same stories and jokes. It felt more easy going this year and I didn't have to give a speech in front of 400 people either which was a big plus. I'm so jealous and excited for all the students!  
That photography golden hour... Love it...
14 days left. 5 lessons left. 1 test left. 

Then it's all over. I'm graduating. I'm so excited but at the same time I'm a bit sad. It's all so weird. I'll actually miss this school. But mostly I'll miss my friends and seeing them every day. Graduating is such a strange feeling. 
Two years ago today I got to be a part of the Weber High School graduation, crazy how time flies! Two years?! Even more crazy, I'll be back in 18 days!
Oh, and by the way, I got an A in English this year too.