This is my new favorite song. The movie isn't out yet in Sweden but I think I have to see it when it does. 
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My friend Christian from Acappella choir last year has officially realesed his first single and I think you should listen to it.

Hello guys! I'm in LA right now. We left yesterday during 4th period. That choir lesson was by the way one of the best ones so far. Mr Wood played Swedish Christmas music by The Real Group and they're so good! I suggest that you look them up and listen to some of their songs. Words is probably one of their best ones, or Chili con Carne. I'm always so proud when someone mentions Sweden or Swedish things. Swedish music is also so much better here, I get way too excited when I hear ABBA or Avicci, haha. Wake Me Up is playing all the time on the radio here and Icona Pop as well. 

The first thing we did was to stop at Starbucks and I wanted to try something new so I had one if their frappes with chocolate peppermint, it was delicious! I ordered a grande but I got a venti one. Good deal. 
It's way too far to drive to Los Angeles in one day/afternoon so we stayed in Las Vegas during the night. This time we stayed at the Luxor hotel that looks like a pyramid. It is so cool! After we arrived at around 9pm we walked around at The Strip and looked at all the cool stuff. We went in to the M&M's store and looked at Urban Outfitters. I didn't really find anything. Well, I did, but I'm trying to save some money so I did't buy it... My host mom took some photos of me with her phone that she's going to send to me as soon as she gets her phone back because she lost it in Las Vegas...! In the cab. Luckily someone found it and called my host dad so we can pick it up when we're going back on Sunday. 
Today we had breakfast, at Starbucks. After that we drove to LA where we are now. We're staying at one of they're friends house and they're having a little party tonight. There is so much food here! We're now waiting for dessert... Mm... 
Tomorrow is the football game at USC!