Which means spring is almost here and then it's not much longer until graduation. I'm kind of freaking out about that to be honest... We're currently in the middle of writing our "gymnasiearbeten" which is a huge essay that has to include some sort of scientific study. It's like writing a lab report, just 100 times bigger. You also have to pass otherwise you won't graduate, no pressure. 

That essay and all the other school work I have to do is also why there hasn't been any posts here lately. Since my last post I had a birthday. I turned 20, goodbye teenhood! Last week was a holiday so me, my dad and sister went for a ski trip to Åre. We were so lucky beacause the weather was good pretty much all week which means that they could open the cableway lift which goes all the way to the top. One thing that wasn't so great was that I managed to make an awful fall and hit my head and knee. Pretty sure I got a small concussion, but it didn't stop me from skiing the rest of the week... Haha. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? 

Here are some pictures from the week! Enjoy! 
GoPro video to come, maybe. I need to look and see if I got some decent footage... 


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