I started Christmas Eve by taking a bunch of selfies with our Christmas tree, as you do. 

Then we had breakfast. American pancakes and a mango smoothie. I opted for nutella and blueberries on my pancake. 

After breakfast we opened our Christmas gifts from dad. 
Right in time for Donald Duck's Christmas special at 3 we arrived to my grandparents house with mom. I borrowed a Harry Potter themed santa hat. 

It has real grass! 

Christmas food... 

My cousin who's also vegetarian made these delicious vegetarian "meatballs". 

There's always so much food during Christmas... 

My (first) plate.

After dinner we tried to make some puzzles so that we knew if there were pieces missing. It wasn't until we had finished two of them that we thought of just counting the puzzle pieces... 

We were so concentrated on the puzzles that we almost forgot about opening Christmas presents. Almost. We got these cookies from our cousin and aunt. So yummy!