January 2015. I did not take many photos this month, in fact, the only photos I have are from this "photo session" of some cupcakes that I made. My birthday is in January and I don't have any pictures at all from that! 

February 2015. This is photo is from when we flew back from our ski trip to the Alps. I love skiing. 
March 2015. Peace. The best cat in the universe. I somehow didn't take many photos this month either. I did some photography work for my moms boyfriend and then I took a few pictures of Peace. 
April 2015. My citrus plant that we bought from Zeta gardens. The fruit is actually edible but they don't taste great. Trust me, I've tried. 
May 2015. Purple flowers from a field trip to Bergianska Gardens with my biology class. 
June 2015. I'm really sorry for the phone pictures. I've realised while writing this blogpost that I've been a terrible photographer this year. Not a single picture with my system camera in June?! What's wrong with me? Anyhow, this was at 11:30 pm. Sunset. One of the best things about Sweden, the late sunsets during summer. 
July 2015. I went to Hudiksvall to visit my Swede Vicki in her hometown. She showed me all of her favorite places and helped me take pictures of me. 
August 2015. Back to plant and flower photography. I don't know how many pictures of flowers and plants in different settings and lightings I have. Too many. I like the light in this one though. 
September 2015. Our living room at moms house. 
October 2015. A month filled with beautiful fall colors. 

November 2015. I got a new job! I also had a ton of work to do in school but somehow managed to do it all anyway. 
December 2015. Pretty self explanitory. Chistmas. Food. More food. 

Happy New Year! 


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