Here are some pictures from graduation! It was a fun and long day. The weather was good too, I think it was around 30C so it was really nice. 

I'm so glad Weber High let me participate and walk in graduation. I had so much fun! The ceremony was very long since there are around 600 graduates but it was fun to experience. Because I'm in A Cappella choir I sat with the choir above the stage as you can see in the pictures above. We sang two songs, That Lonesome Road and Maybe Someday. I made it until the end of Maybe Someday but then teared up because this year is really ending soon. The choir walked last and since my last name starts with a T I was one of the last ones to get walk. You also got a medal before you walked out but they ran out so I didn't get one... They'll have them in school on Friday for us who didn't recieve one but still, it would have been fun to get in during the ceremony... 

After graduation me and my host family went to Harley & Bucks (a reastaurant in Eden) for dinner. I had penne carnonara and it was so good! Me and John Michael also got our graduation gifts but I'll show you mine in another post because this is way too long now!

Thanks Jessie for taking all of these photos for me!


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