So this Monday has been pretty awesome so far. Since I don't have English anymore and my biology class got cancelled today I have the whole afternoon off! Except one small biology assignment I'm almost finished with. I celebrated by having some "fika" on our balcony in the lovely sunny weather. It gets pretty warm so even sitting in a t-shirt is too hot... Not complaining though! It really does feel like spring is here now, but it's Sweden so it will get colder again. I'm really enjoying it while it lasts though!

This is my second to last year of high school in Sweden and apparently it's supposed to be the hardest out of the three. To be honest it doesn't feel like it at all. I have half days on Wednesdays and almost every week there's some schedule change so that I get one more half day. Spring also means a lot of bank holidays so almost every Friday until summer we won't have classes. 



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