I wanted to tell you about my Sunday because for once I wasn't at home studying. Instead I took the bus into Stockholm and met up with my grandmother. For my birthday I got a "gift card" for a lunch a museeum visit that I hadn't used yet. Better late then never I guess!

Firstly, we went to the biology museeum at Djurgården. I had never been there before so it was interesting to see something new. It was very small and there was only one room with a lot off stuffed animals. Maybe not the best museeum I've ever been to but it was cute. 

After our museeum visit we crossed the street to go to the restaurant. Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh. Both me and grandma had the sea food soup which was really good! It's usually a safe order if you don't know what to have... And also it was one of the two vegetarian dishes they had. 

The only slightly negative part about the day was the fact that it rained, a lot, the whole day. And there was a lot of wind too which didn't make it any better... 


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