I spent Saturday writing the Swedish equivalent to the SAT's. It's a test with multiple choice questions in 5 parts, but only four make up your average score. Two parts are language based and two are math based. The fifth part is to try out questions for upcoming tests. I think I did ok, I've never taken the test before and you're allowed to do the test as many times as you want to. The highest score is the one that counts. 

Sunday however, I had brunch with my grand parents and my uncle in a small town south of Stockholm called Trosa. 

Before that though, my sister and I had to start our day by drying out our basement because somehow there was water all over the floor... Fun! 

The view from the restaurant, it's right next to the water. 

We had blueberry smoothies, so good!

And food, I was too shy to stand up and take a decent picture so this is all I got haha. My lens required a bigger distance to fit objects on pictures and the restarant was so small so I didn't really want to stand up... 

Waffles! I love waffles. However, I had way too much food before the waffles came so I wasn't really that hungry... But they were still good! 

Fall has the best colors. 

Just look at this!

How cute is this little town? 

And with the river running in the middle of the town. 

And then we were stuck in traffic for almost an hour because of two accidents. That was less fun. 


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