And I've decided that I'm not that into blogging anymore and will take a break. Sorry. I might come back but I highly doubt it. 

I've had a blog pretty much all the time since April 2009 so my interest for it has kinda faded away... One thing I want to continue with is photography and sharing my photos. I just have to figure out a really good way to do it. Good thing I'm on summer break! 

I'll let you know when I've figured it out, until then - enjoy life!

This is my sister and I enjoying the view from highway 1 on our way to Santa Cruz. She's cute isn't she? 

Ps, I will keep this blog so I can go back and read all my America posts. 

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Hugo Oskarsson

28 Jun 2014 01:19

Tumblr är skitbra för foton! Om du skaffar det säg gärna till vad du heter :D


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