Summer weather!
Atleast Swedish summer but that's good enough for me. 

My Saturday was awesome. I went shopping with with my host mom, Jess, Julianne and Maddie. First we went to the mall in Ogden and Julianne bought her Cotillion dress and me and the other girls went to some other stores and looked around for a while. 

The weather was so nice! It was warmer the the warmest summer day in Sweden, we had 27C and barely no wind at all. I wore my new dress from Forever21 and I didn't freeze at all. 

Around 3 we left the mall and went down to Salt Lake City and City Creek (best mall ever). Me and Maddie did our own thing and my host family did their thing. Although we met at Starbucks which wasn't planned at all. They have "happy hour" so you can get their frappuccinos for half the price, good deal. 

I bought a new summer dress, found shoes for cotillion and I found a pair of shorts that I really liked. Somehow I've lost my sunglasses that I've had for like 4 years so I had to buy new ones. 

Since we got to SLC at 3 we stayed down there and took the 8:50 frontrunner back to Ogden so I didn't get back home until 11. I was so tired... 


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