We had tacos tonight (Swedish style...) 
I guess I can't be away from blogging that long after all. It must be so annoying for you because I keep changing my mind all the time. 
This has been a very busy and fun week end for me. On Friday two of my best friends had their 18th birthday party together. They had invited a bunch of friends over and we had some drinks and ate pizza. After dinner some of us went out to a club because that's kind of what you do when you turn 18 here. We danced and had a lot of fun. It was my first time out too since I turned 18 back in January when I was in Utah. Have to say that I wasn't that impressed by it... 

Saturday I slept in until 11 and then basically did nothing until around dinner time. My dad went to a birthday party and my sister was at a friends house so it was just me and my brother. We went food shopping and then cooked dinner. 

It took over an hour to curl my hair...

Today, Sunday, I also slept in but not as long. The whole family was invited to my second cousins 3rd birthday party but I was the only one who went (well my dad showed up at the end too). It didn't matter though because I got to see my uncle, aunt and grandparents which is always nice. 

I thoght I'd share some of the things I do with you on here. I hope you'll find it interesting. 

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19 Oct 2014 22:43

Åh vad roligt att du börjar blogga igen! :)


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