My dad and I on the top of the mountain (Skutan) in Åre. 

I spent most of my Easter break in Åre for skiing. The first day was amazing (picture) but the rest were, well lets just say it was wet! A lot of horrible wind and rain which didn't make skiing very enjoyable. I got a few good runs and I actually had to change skiis because they just kept getting stuck in the slushy snow... Despite the awful weather and snow conditions it was a really nice trip. We ate a lot of good food and played card games every night after dinner. Åre is a really cute town that has some good shops. I got a new pair of headphones, the ones I got in my Easter basket last year broke so it was about time! 

And that was that for this ski season. I can't believe it's already over. I want to ski more! Although the last day of the season was four days after the last day last season... ;)

From now on, awesome posts with cheesy spring and summer type things! 


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