Sunny Saturdays are the best! 

I've been extremely tired all day today because I didn't get a good nights sleep. Actually, I didn't sleep during the night at all. I slept from 6am-10am. It's bad, I know! But I just couldn't sleep! 

Anyway, in the afternoon after I'd showered and made myself look slightly human, me and my dad went to Zetas Gardens to buy plants for the balcony. I got a small cactus for my room that I'm going to put on the new shelves we bought at IKEA. The most exiting and scary part of the day though was on the way home, I DROVE ALL THE WAY HOME! IN A CAR! And we didn't die! I did pretty good actually considering that the last time I practised was around Christmas. If I'm going to get my licence before senior year I need to start driving more regularly. And in a car that's not automatic. 


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