It's Wednesday morning. I'm in school, in Swedish class. Don't worry though, I'm done with everything we were supposed to do today. The deadline is actually on Friday but somehow I managed to finnish it extremely early and turns out I got an A on it. How about that. 

So what has happened since Friday? On Saturday I woke up before 9am and the first thing I did was to watch the new episode of Grimm that aired Friday night in the US. It was good, really good. After that I did the most Swedish thing possible; I went to IKEA with my dad. Haha. We bought shelves for my room and hangers for curtains. I also got a plant for my window because it's so large and it just looks weird when there's nothing in it. Hopefully it will survive... 

On Sunday I handed out a couple of resumes to some stores in our mall for summer jobs. I also applied for some online. I've never wanted a summer job so much before. I don't actually have anything else to do. There might be a Paris trip, but just maybe.  When I got back we had some "fika" (cinnamon buns and hot chocolate), yummy!. 


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