I just read my old blog with posts from 2009 and so much has changed since then! Not only am I a better blogger (I hope?) but my life is not at all the same. Which is a good thing, because that's kind of the point of growing up and getting older. One thing that hasn't changed is how much I enjoy photography, and I've become better at that too (I hope?). I do envy how I could blog about anything when I first started, although they might not have been the best blog posts ever I did update all the time about everything from what I ate to what I was doing. Now I feel like every post has to be perfect, with pictures and well though about topics. 

My "photography" category in 2009 and the photo category from this blog. I guess the expression "pracitse makes perfect" is true... Although I'm not saying I'm pro photographer, not at all. 

Oh and this is from one of the categories on the blog that time I had a photography blog... Link. Just what happened between 2009 and 2010 haha? 
Weekend feelings... 


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