Today after breakfast/lunch (brunch?) me and my dad went to Zeta Gardens to buy some plants. Dad wanted to buy something for our balcony but he didn't find anything. Instead we we bought cacti for my room and had some warm apple juice with cinnamon and cardamon. So yummy. I also had my camera with me and took some photos. I also drove all the way home! I think I did pretty good, a lot better than last time anyway. 


Not pumpkins but sort of... 

This is where we bought the warm apple juice. 

Candid photo of some people I don't know. 

Love the light in this photo. 

More flowers in vases. 

Greenery and onions to plant. 

This is what we bought for my room, I love them. I'll take good care of them. Luckily they don't need much water at all, once a month is apparently enough. 
Here they are in my room with the cactus we bought last time. 


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